Covid-19: what will it take to vaccinate the world? | The Economist

The race to immunise the global population against covid-19 is under way. With the distribution of safe and effective vaccines posing an unprecedented challenge, what are the key obstacles to overcome? Keep up to date with The Economist’s coverage of the coronavirus: Track covid-19 vaccine rollouts around the world: Sign up to The Economist’s daily newsletter to to read stories about covid-19 and its consequences: Read why China’s jabs may have an important role in the fight against covid-19: How fast can vaccination against covid-19 make a difference? How can America meet its covid-19 vaccination targets? The EU should stop ignoring the vaccine race and try and win it: How will the new variants of covid-19 affect the vaccines? Covid-19 vaccination is a marathon not a sprint. Governments need to think about what comes next: Read about how politics is interfering with vaccination drives in Asia: Why vaccine campaigns are so hard—but crucial to get right: Why Bahrain and the UAE are relying on a Chinese-made vaccine:
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